Bitcoin Milano meetup lottery

Win a Ledger Wallet

During the next “Bitcoin Milano meetup”, held here at 19:00 the 20th of April there will be a lottery with a prize consisting in a new ledger wallet offered by The Rock Trading!

You can partecipate simply by sending a signed message on Eternity Wall!

You need to reply to this message, the transaction hash of the message represent your number and the first Bitcoin block mined after 21:30 will represent the drawing of the winning number.

The transaction with the hash nearest to the block hash is the winner. The nearest is calculated beginning from the end of the hashes. For example, the following are EW message hashes:

  1. eac9d20e90e45660d4e8952efc4d3c191f2d48f3d07addd8a62e5cce9565603c
  2. ef7cb9fcb5b940dbc956f94050f2f0840c0b2dd1e4ece9e6f4337ff229cd2874
  3. 0e0ac98cd92a5e7e95f81864d64fe2ed242f53c374a19a9c0dbe660679e5c73a

And the block hash is:

  • 0000000000000000017246b20c8e375b09cc682d32c54e0fb6096c3b4ccc6265

The winning ticket is the number 2 because the last character 4 is the nearest to the last character of the block hash which is 5. In case of distance equality with many tickets the second last character is checked and so on.

Only the first message per account is eligible and you need to show the winning account on the Eternity Wall app during the evening to get the price.

Of course, you also need the app to sign message! You can follow our tutorial if you loose yourself during the alias registration