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Nominal message are now public

Signed message are now public

We are proud to announce Eternity Wall now supports signed messages! Because anonymity is an highly desirable option, but you could want to have verifiable credit for what you write. You could use a nickname or your real life name, the important thing is that no one could write with your name. It’s not an account in a traditional way, actually, you are not registering in any particular server and you are not asking anyone permission. No one could freeze or delete your account. You don’t even care about a single service provider because all the information is stored in the public blockchain. Like the message itself, everything remains decentralized, any other provider could potentially re-build a service like ours from the blockchain. Instead of fighting against we encourage third party to do so to increment diffusion and awareness of eternal messages!

In a technical way, your account is just enough random data that no one can infer until the sun will shine. This random data is represented by a list of 12 common words that you need to backup.

With great power comes great responsibility - Uncle Ben

Since we don’t want to have your credential and potentially have the possibility to write from your account, intentionally or because of being hacked, you need a client application to write signed messages. Luckily we just added this feature to our Eternity Wall android app that now integrates a decentralized bitcoin wallet under the hood.

Get it on google play

The Android app is also open-source!

Small amount of bitcoin ($1 for example) allow you to write some messages, we don’t recommend to keep big amounts in the EW wallet, you can re-charge any time if it’s the case. There are a lot of full-fledged bitcoin wallet out there that are more appropriate for your savings.


If you are a metereologist, a finance consultant, a seer or anything involving previsioning, write a signed message on the wall to show a verifiable proof of your words!